Sunday, 28 June 2015

Day 16 - Filling in the gaps

Day 16 was a business as usual day. I was on CO2 efflux and soil temperatures today. A lot of today's sampling involved filling in gaps - areas that we had for various reasons been unable to sample on our first visit to the location in question.

We returned to the Llano del Banco lava field where we both were filmed earlier on in the internship. We collected some soil gas samples and had the opportunity to take pictures if the source location of the lava flow high in the hills - wishing just a little that we could actually go and see the locality. 

  Source of the Llano del Banco lava flow up in the hills to the right of the image - taken from the lower part of the flow. 

There were also some great examples of pahoehoe flow at this locality.

Pahoehoe of the Llano del Banco flow, San Juan eruption, 1949

Today's sampling also took us high in to the hills, sampling on the flow of the El Charco eruption of 1712.
El Charco lava field, taken just below the crater looking west

We also spent sometime today, and on other days, sampling among the banana plantations, where there is often a strong smell of sulphur, though this is not related to any volcanic activity but rather dilute sulphur is used to feed the banana plants (as well as the grapes for the wine)


And among the pine forests that three years ago were damaged by a forest fire, but are recovering well.

Fire damaged pine forest

Every day is an adventure!

Buenos noches de La Palma!

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